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12 Christmas Gift Ideas For You and Your Dog!

rocket golden working cocker spanial puppy head in christmas bag 3

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are running out of gift ideas for your puppy, your dog, or even a little something to treat yourself, then take a look at the list below!

rocket working cocker spaniel holding tug e nuf toy

Tug-e-nuff Toys

Play is so important for building a strong relationship with you and your dog and you can teach important life skills such as a “Drop” cue or “Out” using two of the same toy!

Use the code TUGTOYFUN for 10% off!

christmas gift ideas for dogs with kong knot bear

Kong Knot Bears

These are great for your dog to play with as the Internal knotted rope skeleton satisfies dogs’ natural instincts. They have minimal stuffing for less mess and are soft yet durable.

christmas gift ideas for dogs with snuffle mats

Snuffle Mats

Use these for building calmness, they are a great way to ditch the food bowl and work on your dog’s ability to search out their food.

rocket working cocker spanial with k9 connectables

K9 Connectables

K9 Connectables are a great interactive food toy that promotes calmness and works on problem solving for your dog. We use them as another option instead of a food bowl, you can also freeze them!


rocket working cocker spaniel wearing purple equafleece coat


These dog coats are so cosy and warm and come in a variety of wonderful colours.

Screenshot 2020 12 08 at 17.51.53

Next Pet Accessories

Next have a lovely range of Dog Accessories from cosy jumpers to personalised pet Christmas decorations!

safe image 1

If you have any requests, please contact me.

Photos by Horton Dogs Shop

It’s an online gallery shop of our best photos taken from our group classes.

If you’re looking for Christmas present ideas, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your favourite photo in a variety of formats, prints, wall arts and even personalised gifts.

cute brown working cocker spaniel puppy on pink hik9 bed

HiK9 Raised Beds

Raised Beds are fantastic as they come in various sizes, colours and fun covers! We just LOVE them for our dogs training Boundary Games!

christmas gift ideas for dogs with absolute dogs treat pouch

Treat Pouch

Add a bit of colour to your dog training gear with these bright treat pouches! Use code HORTONDOGS for 10% off!

christmas gift ideas for dogs with absolute dogs dvd

Absolute Dogs DVDs

Tom and Lauren have filmed these super training DVDs, Boundary Games and Leash Off Game On to help turn those struggles into strengths!

Sexier than a squirrel challenge 20 days 25 games

Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge

This is a fun online course filmed by Absolute dogs. You’ll learn how to train your dog to choose YOU over distractions through simple 3-minute GAMES!

cathy tse holding her golden working cocker spaniel

One-to-one Training Sessions

Book now for January sessions and an optimism boost! If you would like to work on a specific struggle or you just want to take your training to the next level, then these 121 Training sessions would be a great way to spend some time to focus on your dog and strengthen that relationship. 



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