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The Work with Dogs Challenge!

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Something really cool and amazing is just around the corner!

– Have you ever dreamed of working with dogs? 🐶🐾
– Have you ever wondered if you could make a living training dogs?
– Maybe you don’t want to train dogs for a living, but you want to be the very best owner for your dogs that you possibly can? 🤩
The Working with Dogs Challenge, only £27, starting Tuesday, July 13th, 2021! 🥳🥳
It is a challenge that will introduce how games-based training works, as well as how your dog’s brain works! Not only are there geeky components (just geeky enough, I promise!), but there are also some great game introductions, as well as a deep dive into the very building blocks that ultimately help us transform our dog’s behaviour struggles.
Join for only £27


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