Top 5 Games from Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge

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What is the Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge?

It is a fantastic online training programme with 25 games that teach you how to get great focus, recall and even loose lead walking from your dog and how to become sexier than that squirrel! 

We have teamed up with Absolute Dogs to provide you with this brilliant online learning. Designed with Covid-19 lockdown in mind, the training games are designed to be played at home and indoors. It is now available with an extra 5 games added making a total of 30 games!

Here are my TOP 5 games from this challenge that I love play with my Chihuahua, Pixel and my Working Cocker Spaniel puppy, Rocket!

Pixel chihuahua patiently waiting for her food playing training game

1. Ditch The Bowl

This is a way of life and having such a small dog this has been life changing! Pixel used to be extremely fussy and turn her nose up at food. She just didn’t find it rewarding.

Ditching the bowl changed that. She will chase and catch the food and it becomes such a rewarding experience for us both. Now she loves to play the games. It also means I can use food as a reward for great choices and for playing the training games.

Pixel chihuahua playing orientation game

2. Orientation Games

This works on recall, loose lead walking, relationship, focus and so much more! For such a simple easy game it really is fantastic! This has a fun chase element to it which both Pixel and Rocket love to do and also teaches them to come back to me each time.

cathy and rocket cocker spaniel playing middle training game
cathy and rocket cocker spaniel playing middle training game

3. Conversation Starters

These are simple easy games that your dogs know really well and absolutely love such as Middle or Front Paws. Played at home first then taken out and about these are vital for both Pixel and Rocket for different reasons. For Pixel they build confidence and optimism in new environments. With Rocket I use them to get focus when there are lots of distractions around.


Rocket cocker spaniel playing magic hand dog training game for focus and loose leading walking
Rocket cocker spaniel playing magic hand dog training game for focus and loose leading walking

4. Magic Hand

Rocket LOVES this game and catching food is so much fun for him. This upward focus game is great as he catches food from my hands, he moves with me, connected and focused. I use this as an emergency loose lead walking when there is something particularly difficult in the  environment such as a cat!

5. Proximity Vortex

This one is a must and I couldn’t have got great recall or loose lead walking without it!

I play this with distractions in the distance so that they become a non-event. Rocket learns that birds, squirrels, joggers, cyclists and kids scooters are not something to chase and are none of his business.

If you want to join in with the fun head over to this link and start Day ONE right now!