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Naughty But Nice Bootcamps

Imagine a world that looks like this…

Your dog sees another dog in the distance. You smile, and continue walking.

You don’t have to check on your dog and where their attention might be. They disengage from the distraction and happily trot alongside you. It’s none of their business. No barking, no lunging… just a fun adventure with you!


With the 9 Week Naughty but Nice Bootcamp Programme from AbsoluteDOGS 🥳🥳

Starting Monday 31st October!

You may see links to sign up to the bootcamps elsewhere. Please disregard any other link and use this link, as it’s my very own special, unique link I get to share with you.

  • Whatever the scenario, this 9-week programme is designed to offer effective, real-life results and solutions made up of 3-minute games that transform and inspire change for your dog!


    Combat your dog’s:


    • Counter-surfing
    • Hyperactivity
    • Destructiveness
    • Reactivity
    • Aggression
    • Anxiety
    • Barking 


    So that they become a thing of the past!


    This programme is made up of a TRIO of Bootcamps that together, create a powerful recipe for an epic transformation and it all  kicks off on the 31st October!


    Let’s unbox the Bootcamp package!


    The Reactivity 3-Week Bootcamp 

    • Preliminary Bonus Learning.
    • 3-Minute Games each day that help you to overcome your dog’s reactivity struggles.
    • Watch different breeds play the games with experienced trainers Tom & Lauren. (No matter the size, breed, age, or history of your dog, there is hope!)
    • Powerful talks to aid in your dog training transformation. To solidify your learning, and provide you with the foundation you need to continue with confidence.

    The On and Off Leash Freedom 3-Week Bootcamp

    • Bonus preliminary learning to kick you off with a bang!
    • 3-Minute Games that target your on and off leash struggles, providing you with valuable training that will shift your dog’s value system to YOU, instead of the world.
    • Insight into why your dog behaves the way they do, and how you can efficiently and effectively achieve real-life results.
    • Learn HOW to be the best dog owner for your dog by setting them up for easy wins that ultimately turn into natural, instinctive and focussed responses.

    The Household Manners 3-Week Bootcamp 

    • Another fun and exciting round of Preliminary Learning and fun work (that’s homework, but FUN!) to keep your momentum strong.
    • 3-Minute Games focussed on accomplishing true household harmony, whether you have a single dog household or a multi-dog household. 
    • Discover the training path that will create calmness, prevent separation struggles, and encourage impulse control so that having visitors isn’t as daunting as it is now.
    • Overcome barking in the house, jumping on visitors, destructive behaviour and more!

    A BONUS PROGRAMME: Whip-It Games!

    A game with multiple levels that transfers over into real life situations where self-control is required.

    • Creatively channel your dog’s prey drive.
    • If your dog chases critters then this game, with its many layers, will change everything. 
    • Your dog will learn how to think in arousal and remain responsive – even when the distraction is at its most enticing.


    • Engage and interact with a community that understands your journey.
    • Enjoy bonus live teaching on many topics that will cement the learning taking place and develop it even further… 



    You can get everything for just £347/$395


    BUT THAT’S NOT IT! Can’t make the payment all in one go?

    There is a THREE MONTH PAYMENT PLAN available too for just £127/$144 a month!

    Just head to the link and sign up now!


    *You may see other mentions of the bootcamps elsewhere. This link is unique to me and not only does it help you to jump into the experience, but by using this link, you are also signing up for 100% support from me!*

    Dog training doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun and interactive, all while getting the results you want and need. This will be a guided experience telling what you need to do at every step of the way. Join for a transformational journey over the next 9 weeks.


    Are you on the fence, worried this may not be the right fit for you and your dog?


    Let this reassurance sink in.


    These bootcamps have helped thousands of students. If it didn’t work – quite simply, AbsoluteDOGS wouldn’t keep running it!


    Haven’t got time to do the bootcamps right now? You get to keep the course forever so you can follow AT YOUR LEISURE! Grab it while you can!


    9 weeks of daily training to keep forever!


    Your experience and your dog’s ability to navigate life in your home and out and about are important to me. If you have any questions about this programme, just message me! 💖

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