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Pro Dog Trainer Live 22 Workshop!!!

AbsoluteDOGS have put together an EXTRAVAGANZA of a workshop never seen before! This would be perfect for enabling the life you dream of with your dog. ❤️


<<<< Pro Dog Trainer LIVE 2022 – 4th August 2022 – 4pm to 9pm >>>>

This will be 5 hours (with a break, of course!) of LIVE learning from the comfort of your own home. Think Super Trainer Live/Pro Dog Trainer/Geeky Lives/Mindset Mastery & Coaching all rolled into one!

And if you aren’t sure what some of those are, then just be assured that this is going to be MEGA! 😆

Pro Dog Trainer Live is exactly what you need and as an AbsoluteDOGS Pro Dog Partner and certified Pro Dog Trainer, I’m excited to share this interactive workshop with you!



Pro Dog Trainer Live 22 Workshop

This interactive workshop is going to smash through any limiting beliefs you might have about your dog training and share with you the secrets to AbsoluteDOGS’s success. They have spent thousands of pounds on coaching and mentoring over the years which has enabled them to be experts in dogs as well as successful business owners.

They have pulled out the very best and most effective strategies, from years of learning, that will help enable you to live the life you dream of with your dog, and/or as a professional dog trainer.

What we are going to cover:

  • Levelling up the dog training skills you already have (and how to be more effective)
  • The three core areas you need to work on (their tried and tested formula for a successful dog trainer)
  • Interactive sessions (they’ll be getting YOU to do some of the work LIVE!)
  • How to overcome those obstacles that you are facing right now (mindset mastery)
  • The tools they use to create confidence and empower us as dog trainers
  • How to start your own dog training business
  • Unique lessons never before seen

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