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Puppy Homeschool – Online Training Course

Our Puppy Homeschool 👩‍🎓 is an essential online training course for every puppy owner! If you need help with puppy biting, jumping up and general training, you can begin right away! 🐶🐾📚

This online course is going to arm you with the training you need to help grow a happy, confident and well mannered dog. 😍🐶🐾

In these training videos 🎥 Cathy (our professional IMDT & Pro Dog trainer) will show you over 40+ fun and effective training. You’ll also get WhatsApp support with Cathy to ask your own questions. 😄 💻

  • Suitable for puppies of all ages
  • Watch the videos on your computer or mobile
  • Submit your practice videos on WhatsApp and get professional feedback
  • WhatsApp support with Cathy



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