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Stop Barking Mini Course

SHHH! What was that?!

Do you have a noisy, barky household? Are your dog’s barking struggles keeping you up at night?

Of course, we can understand why you might not have heard the news over all that doggy singing and shouting, but never fear because we’re here to share it with you!

AbsoluteDOGS have just released a BRAND-NEW Stop Barking mini-course, brimming with all their best strategies, top tips and barking solutions! As an AbsoluteDOGS Pro Dog Partner, I’m excited to share this mini-course with you!


For the SUPER price of just £27 you are going to get:

  • Real-life solutions to arm you with all you need to achieve a quiet household
  • 5 Game Up videos, demonstrating practical games to train your dog in just a few minutes a day!
  • 5 Skill Up videos, where you get to geek out and learn all about how games-based training can help you reduce your dog’s barking once and for all, regardless of your dog’s age, breed or history!
  • Terrific troubleshooting top tips on all the most common barking struggles faced by dog owners all over the world!
  • Immediate and lifetime access to the course – so you can play again and again, as often as you want!
  • Video captions
  • Add any additional support you will be offering your participants

All your barking struggles can absolutely be completely transformed and it’s all within your grasp!

This course is guaranteed to bring you that quieter, calmer household you’ve been dreaming of! Sign up to the Stop Barking mini-course today!

We can’t wait to see you there!

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