The Journey to Off-Lead Freedom

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Are you a dog owner who dreams of the freedom and joy of walking your furry friend off-lead, but find yourself facing challenges that seem far too difficult? Meet Rocket, my lovable yet challenging pup whose journey to off-lead freedom serves as a testament to the power of training and dedication.

Teaching your dog to self-settle

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In our quest for well-behaved and calm dogs, the art of self-settling plays a crucial role. Rather than barking incessantly, or engaging in mischief for attention, we aim to create a natural ability in our dogs to settle peacefully. Here’s a guide to achieving just that:

Training, Communication, and Consistency: The Key to a Well-Behaved Dog

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Most pet owners want a well-behaved dog at home, on walks, and during outdoor adventures. However, achieving these goals is anything but simple. Find out a little more on how some simple changes and consistency can help: The Complexity of Training It’s important to note that achieving those three simple wishes is not as straightforward […]

Help! My Puppy Has Separation Anxiety!

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Building Independence in Your Puppy: Overcoming Separation Struggles Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and joyous experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One common issue many puppy owners face is separation anxiety. Puppies often feel worried and distressed when left alone, but there are effective strategies you can […]

Dog bite prevention – Toddlers

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Theo’s 14 months old, walking and grabbing! Building a harmonious relationship between toddlers and dogs is crucial for their safety and well-being. There has been a heart breaking rise in the number of children and babies being bitten, many of which could be prevented with the right guidance and understanding. Here is what we are […]

Dogs and Babies continued…

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Theo’s 10 months old, crawling and grabbing! Wow time goes by so quickly, thankfully Pixel and Rocket are doing really well with Theo and getting used to having him around and all the noises and movements he makes. Safety is still our number one priority. Don’t force it to get that perfect photo! Your baby […]

Babies and Dogs – the first few months

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Baby Theo has arrived!! Little baby Theo has arrived and with it a whole lot of changes. I may not be a baby expert but I can certainly use my experience with dogs to help Pixel, Rocket and Theo grow calm happy relationships. Here is how we have been getting on in the first couple of […]

Preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby

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Here are some tips to help prepare your dogs for the arrival of a baby Having a baby is going to be a huge change for you and your dog, the sounds, the smells, the complete disruption in routine at first can be overwhelming for everyone involved. So it’s a really good idea to help […]

Self Control vs Desire

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We need BOTH! If we want a dog that chooses us over the environment, or a dog that can listen and make good choices we need BOTH desire and self control for our dogs. I am always building desire in my dogs, desire for rewards, desire to work with me, desire to engage with toys and […]

Kitchen Manners!

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Does your dog steal from the kitchen counter? Jumping up on the kitchen counter and stealing things is a huge struggle for many dog owners. You turn your back for a second and the whole roast chicken is gone! So how can we prevent this and keep our dogs safe from potentially harmful foods or […]