Preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby

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Here are some tips to help prepare your dogs for the arrival of a baby Having a baby is going to be a huge change for you and your dog, the sounds, the smells, the complete disruption in routine at first can be overwhelming for everyone involved. So it’s a really good idea to help […]

Self Control vs Desire

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We need BOTH! If we want a dog that chooses us over the environment, or a dog that can listen and make good choices we need BOTH desire and self control for our dogs. I am always building desire in my dogs, desire for rewards, desire to work with me, desire to engage with toys and […]

Thinking About Getting A Puppy?

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Lockdown has brought with it a new wave of puppies! With people being at home more, it may seem like the perfect time to get a puppy. And for some it is a fantastic opportunity as it gives plenty of time for the puppy to settle in and and build a relationship. Free puppy guide […]

Kitchen Manners!

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Does your dog steal from the kitchen counter? Jumping up on the kitchen counter and stealing things is a huge struggle for many dog owners. You turn your back for a second and the whole roast chicken is gone! So how can we prevent this and keep our dogs safe from potentially harmful foods or […]

Does Your Puppy Keep Barking First Thing In The Morning?

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One of the joys of having a puppy is that gorgeous face looking back at you to start your day! However those extremely early mornings seem to be much harder than expected! Indeed they are inevitable for every puppy owner but not to worry, you can work towards waking up at a much more reasonable […]

Socialisation – Getting it Right for Your Puppy

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An Important Part of Puppy and dog Training Socialisation is such an important aspect of puppy training and is vital to have a happy, confident, well adjusted dog that is not worried or scared by things. We want to help you make the most out of socialisation and to give you guidance on how to do […]

10 Training Games You Can Do Sitting Down

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If you have an injury, have limited mobility or like me, a broken foot, it would be a good idea to get help to look after your dog – but this doesn’t mean the training has to stop. Here are my top 10 dog training games you can play with your dog or puppy all […]

Food Enrichment with K9 Connectables

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Food Enrichment! We love to promote calmness, and with the help of the right toys, we can extend this to every part of the dog’s life – including mealtimes! Dogs, given a choice, prefer to work for their food, as mealtimes become more interesting and rewarding that way. Channel their energy! From puppy biting, zoomies, […]

Dog Training with REAL LIFE RESULTS

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Puppies and dogs do not come knowing how to walk nicely on a lead or recall away from that dog in the park. We need to show them how to interact in our world. There are many training methods out there, but we show you a way that is not only backed by science but […]