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The Fun Easter Workshop was a blast! 🌟💥

fun easter workshop at epsom polo club egg and spoon race

The Easter Workshop was a huge success! Everyone brought basket full of energy and spoonful of joy! There were plenty of fun games based dog training, from Orientation Dash to Search and Find, and the agility course.

Highlight of the workshop was the Egg and Spoon race while loose lead walking their dog! They all showed great teamwork and control with their dogs, and of course, there were also lots of laughter! Congrats to Linda for winning the Egg & Spoon Loose Lead walking (sprinting in Linda’s case) race! 🐕🏃‍♀️⚡️

The indoor arena at the Epsom Polo Club was such an amazing space for this workshop, sheltered from the unusual heat over the weekend.  A big thanks to David and his team at the Epsom Equestrian Centre for your help and hospitality.

Watch highlights in the video below:


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