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Monthly One-to-One Sessions

Do you need a more tailored training plan?

Our Training Club + One-to-One Sessions give you two individual sessions per month to work on training designed for you and you dog. This is especially beneficial for dogs that need more targeted training to tackle specific struggles. These sessions are one hour long.

Learn the fun games based dog training that’s both positive and rewarding. We teach fun life skills training games to shape good behaviour including a recall, super loose lead walking, self-control, confidence and much more.

You’ll also get access to our 80+ online video training games library, deep dive and Q&A recordings..

This does not include group classes.

£160.00 / month

What do you get?

cute puppy in dog training class playing food bowling game

Monthly In-Person One-to-One Sessions

One-to-one sessions at your own home or local park.

You’ll get to two separate one-to-one sessions every month. Each session is one hour, we tailor the training specific to you and your dog. Whether you are a beginner or just want to keep building on the skills you already have, we can help you to take the training and relationship to the next level.

And there’s even more!

horton dogs club video library 2

Access to the Puppy Training Video Library

All of our training games designed for puppies are in our online Library as video tutorials, so if you need a reminder you can watch and re-watch any time. They are super fun, and you can watch them at anytime.

puppy cocker spaniel meeting socialising new lady

ONGOING SUPPORT through WhatsApp

In between sessions you can ask questions, share photos and videos of your dog's progress.

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