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Does your puppy chew on things that shouldn’t be chewed on? Do they go to the toilet where they shouldn’t? Do they jump up at guests and bark at all hours of the day and night?

Many puppy owners will recognise these issues – but they needn’t be a fact of life. With the right training, they can be eliminated, and puppies and owners can go on to develop happier relationships.

It’s never too early to start our puppy training in Croydon. You can even make a start before they’re fully vaccinated. Start from day one, we’ll help guide you towards a positive and rewarding relationship with your pup, and they’ll be less likely to develop bad habits and problem behaviours, and you’ll be able to enjoy having them around the home!

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The Methods

Changing a dog’s behaviour often means delving into the underlying psychology. Like humans, puppies can become anxious or afraid when they come up against life’s challenges, and these negative emotions can give rise to negative behaviours. We prefer a games-based approach to deal with these problems.

The right games can be played every day. They allow you to bond with your puppy, and have fun in the process. What’s more, they provide your puppy with the foundation they need to become chilled-out, happy dogs.

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Professional dog trainer in Croydon

Karen Grindrod at Horton Dogs is a qualified professional Dog Trainer and offers one-to-one puppy training in Croydon and South London area. After spending forty years as an NHS nurse helping humans, she now pursues her passion in dog training to help puppies and their owners!

One-to-one sessions are usually conducted in the home. They can be easily tailored to meet the needs of your puppy. We’ll work out where there’s room for improvement, and teach you the games you can play to improve your puppy’s behaviour. If you’d like an idea of exactly how our one-to-one sessions work, then check out our Puppy Head Start primer.

We don’t yet offer group training sessions in Croydon – but this is something we’re looking to introduce in the future. Watch this space!

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