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10 Training Games You Can Do Sitting Down

If you have an injury, have limited mobility or like me, a broken foot, it would be a good idea to get help to look after your dog – but this doesn’t mean the training has to stop.

Here are my top 10 dog training games you can play with your dog or puppy all while sitting down!

* These games may not be suitable for everyone, and with all training games we can adapt them to suit your situation. If you need help adapting a game, let me know!

1. Front Paws

Having your dog gently placing their front paws on your lap is great for building confidence and value in being close. I love it as part of a recall.

2. Middle

Having a dog that can do Middle when you are sitting down can come in handy if you are in a waiting room or somewhere with less space. It also builds confidence and optimism.

3. Orientation Game

This game gets your dog moving even when you are not able to. Fantastic for focus and recall! Be mindful of the space and slippy floors.

4. Chin Target

This is a great calming game and very useful for grooming and handling, we love this game.

5. Cone Game

We love the cone game, it builds optimism and prepares our dogs for equipment such as vet buster collars, muzzles and a harness. Introduce different items such as cups, plant pots, buckets and even crutches!

6. Catching

Catching food or toys is really fun for both you are your dog! Don’t worry if they can’t catch straight away, for some dogs it can take a lot of practice!

7. The Chair Game

You will need to have a few behaviours on cue already for this game. Most of the time we teach our dogs when we are standing, so can they still do them when we are sitting?

8. Magic Twist

Grow value for being close and even work on loose lead walking, all without taking a step outside.

9. Nose Touch Chase

Nose Touch on it’s own is already a fantastic focus and recall game, here we take it to the next level and adding a bit more fun to the mix!

10. Boundary Game With Novelty

Boundary games are super especially if you are not as mobile and need to make sure your dogs are not under your feet! If you have equipment such as crutches or wheelchairs this is a great way to get your dogs comfortable with them from the safety of their boundary.

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