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A Happy Trip To The Vets

Cathy and Rocket cocker spaniel at chessington vets

The Predictor

For our dogs, a trip to the vets can inevitably be a scary thing. They usually go when they are in pain or need injections. The Vet’s reception / waiting room quickly becomes a predictor of bad things to happen.

Happy trips

For young pups and with our own Rocket, we make ‘happy’ trips to the Vets to help break up this predictor. Quite often, Vets welcome visits to the waiting room just to say hello to their staff and make it a happy experience. It is a good idea to check when the quiet times are at your local Vets.

Cathy and Rocket going to chessington vets
Here at Chessington Vets, we love welcoming your dog's into the Surgery and enjoy making them feel at ease with an ear scratch or tummy rub. If you call in advance, our Veterinary Nurses can meet your dog at a quiet time of the day and have some cuddles, as well as sitting them on the scales to update their weight. Unfortunately, a trip to the vets is often associated with feeling unwell, or for injections, so we understand why pets can feel nervous. You can share your dog's favourite treats with us, allowing us to reward them and provide comfort to them.

Play the Games!

Play easy training games at the Vets. You’ll both have lots of fun and your dog will  associate positive happy times at the Vets. In our puppy class, we teach easy training games that can be played anywhere. Games such as Food Follow, Hand Touch and Aeroplane Feed are great games to play on the vet’s scales and with the nurses.

Cathy and Rocket on vets scales

At The Reception

After seeing the vet, wrapping things up at the reception can be a bit of a struggle. For many dogs it can often be close to the door where other dogs and animals are coming and going. This leaves your dog vulnerable to potential worry or even over excitement. To avoid any problems occurring you can ask the receptionist if it is ok to pop them away in the car and come back to sort out your next appointment or deal with prescriptions.

If you do not drive to the vets it is good practice to either pick them up or ask for a Middle game while you speak to the lovely receptionists.

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