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Does Your Puppy Keep Barking First Thing In The Morning?

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One of the joys of having a puppy is that gorgeous face looking back at you to start your day! However those extremely early mornings seem to be much harder than expected! Indeed they are inevitable for every puppy owner but not to worry, you can work towards waking up at a much more reasonable hour.

What can we do about early morning barking?

  • Break the routine and beat them to it! 
  • So if the barking is always around 5:30am set your alarm at 5:00am. 
  • Gently wake up your sleepy puppy, take them out to the toilet in a boring way, on lead, stand still, wee and back to bed. No treats, just back to bed. If they whine shortly after you know they have been to the toilet.
  • Stay calm and avoid having a play session even if your puppy thinks it’s ‘playtime’.
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  • Puppies will learn that someone will be coming without them having to bark and they will  feel comfortable to wait until you come for them – within reasonable time of course.
  • Gradually stretch out the time so your mornings eventually start a more reasonable hour!

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