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Food Enrichment with K9 Connectables

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Food Enrichment!

We love to promote calmness, and with the help of the right toys, we can extend this to every part of the dog’s life – including mealtimes! Dogs, given a choice, prefer to work for their food, as mealtimes become more interesting and rewarding that way.

Rocket spaniel enjoying mental enrichment with K9 connectables

Channel their energy!

From puppy biting, zoomies, to energetic busy dogs that can’t seem to settle, these K9 Connectables will be able to channel that energy into something much more appropriate. Really get them problem solving as well as growing that tolerance of frustration.

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K9 Connectables offer many different way to use with food

Variety is important for our dogs, you can use different types of food and these can be connected in different into different combinations to keep your dogs on their toes!

Make them nice and easy to begin with, and gradually make them more tricky. You can also freeze them to make a tasty cooling treat. If they lose interest, make them easier and build up the difficulty slowly.

Pixel chihuahua with small K9 connectables

Size Matters!

Thankfully even little Pixel can play with these food enrichment toys as they come in three sizes, small, medium and large!

Make sure you supervise your dog. These are for medium to light chewers.

K9 Connectables are also a great toys for fetch and retrieve training, soft and flexible they are safe to be thrown for your dog!

For 10% off use code K9-Horton10

K9 connectables offer a variety of different sizes to suit your dog
K9 connectables offer a variety of different sizes to suit your dog



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