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Growing calmness in our dogs

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When it comes to our dogs, sometimes calmness isn’t usually a trait we see all that often.
However calmness is so valuable for our dogs as it helps to puts them in a better headspace and in turn they can make better choices.

The behaviours our dogs choose

The best way to explain behaviours and emotions is like picking behaviours from ’emotion boxes’. For example if a dog is worried, they will pick a behaviour from the ‘worry box’ this could be any number of behaviours such as barking, spinning, lunging or even hiding. Also if a dog is frustrated, they will pick a behaviour from the ‘frustration box’, again this could be any number of behaviours such as barking, spinning and many more.
Often the behaviours they pick from the boxes are at random and if it makes them feel better they will use it next time, if it doesn’t they may pick something else next time.
Lets look at some of the behaviours they may pick if they are calm – in the ‘calm’ box we have behaviours such as chilling out on their bed, chewing on a kong, enjoying some cuddles or simply just calmly carrying on. All the behaviours they can pick from the ‘calm’ box are all appropriate. This is why it is key to grow calmness so our dogs are in a better headspace and able to make better choices.
calmness box

How to grow calmness

  • Long lasting chews and kongs

  • Scatter feeding

  • Active rest in a quiet room or crate

  • Reward for any calm behaviour


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