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How To Join Online Dog Training Classes

pixel and laptop online video classes

Many of our favourite hobbies and activities are going online, including group classes. We will show you how you can you get involved with these classes.

With modern technology this is fairly easy and a fantastic way to stay connected, keep learning and training our dogs.

Here is a checklist to get ready for your online dogs training classes.

  • You have downloaded the zoom app on your laptop or mobile phone. www.zoom.us
  • You have checked your teacher has sent you a zoom meeting link to be able to join class
  • Your equipment is ready such as a tripod, food, treats, water, bed, harness, lead and your dog
  • Phones and laptops are fully charged
  • Your space is set up ready and you know where you are going to put your device for the practical training
  • Also prepare a desk, or table with a seat if you need to sit down while the teacher is talking and doing demos
  • Tell your household family you will be going online to either get them involved or avoid disruption

If you need any help or have questions please email me at [email protected]



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