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Why does my dog bark in the garden?

Why does my dog bark in the garden - boxer dog in garden

What causes your dog to bark in the garden?

With the warmer weather comes all the odd and novel sounds outside in the neighbours garden such as lawn mowers, kids screaming, radio, laughter and BBQs! This means some of our dogs seem to be a bit more vocal than before and the sounds may cause your dog to bark in the garden!

💜 Tip! 💜

Before opening the garden door, scatter a couple of treats or kibble on the floor – this will instantly put them in a calmer headspace.

Next, open the door and straight away scatter treats/ kibble in the garden. We call this ‘rehearsing the room’ or in this case the garden! You want calm behaviour in the garden so are giving them a job to do. Let them do their business, another treat if they are still calm and come back inside. Alternatively if you want to spend a bit of time in the garden fill a stuffed kong to keep them busy! 😍

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