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We help build a stronger bond between you and your dog

Horton Dogs is a qualified dog training company based in Epsom & Ewell, Surrey. We run group training classes and workshops to dogs of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We also offer one-to-one training for those who need a more tailored plan. It’s run by Cathy, a full member of IMDT and a qualified Pro Dog trainer.

We are #GameChangers

Training can be fun and relationship building, with cleverly designed games we teach dogs to think and make good choices, and we encourage them to work with you.

Cathy is an active member of the Pro Dog Trainer community, and regularly attend training workshops and seminars run by the world-renowned vet behaviourist, Tom Mitchell, and Crufts agility winner, Lauren Langman. Cathy has also attended IMDT Trainer courses run by Steve Mann. I stay up to date with current training methods so owners can get the best that training has to offer.

A big part of her teaching style is training through cleverly designed games which shape your dog’s brain – and their behaviour. Growing skills such as focus, self control, confidence and calmness. Using these methods alongside management means we can build clarity in learning, this in turn helps reduce unwanted behaviours.

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Empowering owners and dogs alike!

The most rewarding part of being a dog trainer is providing people with the tools that will make a difference during life’s rougher spots. When that happens, it’s a big win for everyone.

Our passion tends to be contagious. Once dog-owners understand that what we’re doing is more than just training, it becomes their passion too! I’ve seen amazing progress with the dogs I have worked with, and seen owners’ outlooks change, too: and the result is a relationship that gets stronger and stronger with every session.

Cathy Tse

Professional Dog Trainer in Epsom & Ewell, Surrey

Are you ready for some fun dog training?