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proud owner with their cockapoo dog

A world of difference

Having attended a different puppy class and been left feeling frustrated that rather than enhance the relationship I had with my dog, it had upset it, Cathy’s classes were a breath of fresh air. My 8 month old puppy is very enthusiastic about everything and focus was not always her strong point. Cathy’s classes have made a world of difference in training me as well as my puppy. Pup is still a work in progress and I hope to return to Cathy for more classes but we are both making steady progress and heading in the right direction. Most importantly, I felt listened to and had a lot of fun!

Linda with cockerpoo Nala

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Building trust

Just finished the life skills course with my reactive mini schnauzer. He was very unsure at first but Cathy totally understood he is a dog who needs space. He blossomed on the course. He even greets Cathy and her lovely helpers with a wagging tail now. Something he would never do before. The games are easy and fun and building trust really works, even on a 3 year old dog. Definitely going to continue in the future. Would highly recommend. A big thank you!

Alex with mini schnauzer Rocky

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black miniature schnauzer sitting in front red brick wall with owner

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