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One-to-One Training

This is especially beneficial for dogs that need more targeted training to tackle specific struggles.

Each session is one hour and are usually a week or so apart.  These sessions can be done in a local park, or your home and garden. You will also get access to Training Video Tutorials to help guide you through your training plan.

Ask Cathy about availability.

Payment is required before the session, click the button below to book the sessions. After booking, Cathy will contact you to arrange a date/time for the sessions.


In Person training

Some dogs need (and deserve) special attention. Maybe they have no recall or pull like a train on lead. Perhaps they jump on visitors and run off with your favourite slippers.

This doesn’t mean that they’re bad dogs; it just means that they require a different approach.

That’s what one-to-one sessions are for! A focussed session of this sort can help to address specific problem behaviours. If your dog is pulling on the lead and barking at squirrels every time you go out for a walk, or get too excited when you have friends over, then one-to-one dog training will help you overcome these struggles.


Is my dog the right age to start training?

One-to-one training can be of benefit to dogs of all ages. So if you have a puppy waiting for vaccinations, there is no need to wait to start the games based training. And if you have an older dog or a rescue, despite the popular saying, old dogs can learn new tricks – and our games-based instruction is the perfect way to teach them.

We also cater to a range of abilities. Wherever you’re starting from, we’ll get the ball rolling – and, with a little patience, we’ll build real, positive changes in your dog’s behaviour.

The one-to-one training sessions can be in the comfort of your own home, or when necessary, outside in your local area. We will work on a tailor made plan that will focus on improving the key underlying struggles.

For puppies, with the right start we can help nip a range of behaviours in the bud, including:

  • Barking at all hours
  • Chewing on the furniture
  • Toileting inside the house
  • Teething and mouthing
  • Jumping up

For adult dogs, with the right games we can help improve a range of behaviours, including:

  • Counter surfing
  • Pulling on lead
  • Not coming back when called
  • Jumping up

Turning struggles into strengths

We think it’s vital to maintain a relaxed, friendly environment throughout every session. After all, dogs can sense when they’re under pressure to perform! That’s why the techniques we emphasise focus – Mary-Poppins style – on turning the job into a game. While your dog is having fun, you’ll find that, not only are the lessons themselves more enjoyable, but the information will sink in more quickly!

The power of optimism!

Our one-to-one sessions help to instil your dog with a sense of optimism, and teach them to see new experiences as nothing to worry about. Gradually, you’ll see fewer and fewer problem behaviours – and you may ultimately be able to introduce your dog to one of our group classes!

proud owner with their cockapoo dog

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