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Puppy Club & Weekly Classes

Join our Puppy Club and take part in our online weekly Puppy Classes on Sundays at 11:00am. These are packed with our cleverly designed and FUN training games. We’ll teach your puppy to think, to make good choices, and build a strong bond with you. Your puppy will learn key life skills such as coming back when called, learning to settle, to have self control, and grow confidence.

Groups will be small so your Trainer, Cathy, will be able to guide you and give you real time feedback as you play the games with your pup, adapting it to suit you and your puppy.

Join the puppy club

Through our training games, you’ll build an amazing bond with your puppy

Live sessions, Q&A & Video Library

Joining the Puppy Club also means you will get additional learning during the week, with a weekly online Booster session, here we take a deeper dive and exploration into a particular training topic, game or struggle on LIVE online video.

You will also have access to weekly Q & A sessions. Ask your questions relating to puppy training or any struggles you are having such as toilet training, nipping, building confidence alone, what ever your question, they will be answered on this LIVE online video.

Fancy trying a new game with your puppy? As a Puppy Club Member you will have access to our large online training games video library, so if you need a reminder you can watch and re-watch any time.

Join the puppy club
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Download our Free Puppy Guide eBook

Get top tips and advise for your puppy and how to get started on the right track.


What puppy Owners have to say about our classes

Alfie loves his training sessions with Cathy and learns something new each time.

Rachel with Alfie / Facebook Review

Cathy’s classes have made a world of difference in training me as well as my puppy.

Linda with Nala / Google Review

Small sized fun classes with lots of personal attention for each dog.

Andy with Nelly / Google Review
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Puppy Head Start

One-to-One training with Pro Dog Trainer Cathy

It’s never too early to start training your puppy. Even before your pup is fully vaccinated, we can bring one-to-one puppy training and advice to you at your home. We’ll help you and your family to be ready and give your puppy the best start in life.

In the sessions we can work on those puppy problems you may be facing such as

  • Biting, nipping and chewing
  • Toilet training
  • Struggling to settle
  • Jumping up

We know that every puppy is different, in the session we will go through a plan with some training games that will be suited to your puppy and your lifestyle.

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