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Boundary Games DVD

Boundary games are one of the most important skills we teach in class, it’s an absolute core essential life skill – being able to settle to mat or raised bed (boundary), growing calmness and keeping control.

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Struggle with your dog controlling themselves around things they love? Whether that is the food you are preparing in the kitchen, the guests that visit your home or that squirrel that you see on a walk?

You need Boundary Games!

Teaching boundaries through the power of games allows your dog to make great decisions in the world around them, helping them stay out of trouble and creating a stress-free life for you – all whilst having fun and learning together!

Just some of the many amazing side-effects of great Boundary Games…

  • Calmness & Control in the House and Out and About!
  • Multidog Household Harmony!
  • Loose-Leash Walking, Recalls & General Manners on Walks!
  • Focus & Resilience to Distractions!
  • Motivation, Drive & Desire!

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