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Lease Off Game On DVD

A tried-and-tested series of training games that you can play with your dog anytime, anywhere that turn these loose lead walking struggles into STRENGTHS!

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Does your dog go DEAF when out on walks?

Do you envy other dog owners who have a phenomenal RECALL with their dogs?

Does your dog find the environment oh so exciting?

Do you feel that you aren’t part of your dog’s walk and they are off on their own little adventure without you?

Here’s What You Need….

…A tried-and-tested treasure trove of games that you can pluck out and play with your dog anytime, anywhere that turn these struggles into STRENGTHS! To get you onto the road to success, the Leash Off Game On DVD is your ticket.

The DVD contains 10 energy injecting games that you and your dog will simply love to play together that build the powerful concept of proximity – a dog that LOVES to be close and chooses YOU over distractions. The games are easily explained and demoed by some of our students so you can crack on with the business of having fun practising them with your dog! Playing the games from Leash Off Game On will ultimately lead to a dog who chooses to hang out with you as you are the source of all things fun, making recall struggles a thing of the past! This DVD has been watched by over 25,000 people across the world and counting, transforming stressful walks to STRESS-FREE!

Free delivery!

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