Workshops are a fantastic way to get a training-and-relationship boost!

They are usually based around a theme such as Impulse Control, Loose Lead Walking, Recall or even just a fun training experience such as the Easter Themed Workshop.

All the training is done with our positive games based methods, teaching your dogs real life skills specific to your needs.

We tailor all the games to suit you and your dog so if you are a beginner we will show you step by step, if you are already at a higher level we can push the games on further to keep it fun and engaging for everyone.

When we’re done, you’ll see that, for every problem behaviour, there’s a game to help!

Like everything we do, these workshops take place in a relaxed, casual environment – so there’s no need to bring along a notepad and pen (that is, unless you really want to!). You’ll find information on future events right here on the site, as well as on our Facebook page – so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!


Past Workshops

HD Easter Workshop 1 20406

Live Online Fun Easter Dog Training Workshop

10th April 2020, 11:00-11:45am Facebook Live and Zoom

Let’s bring fun and optimism to your home this Easter, join the Fun Dog Training with your family, kids and your dog! There will be:

🤩🤩🤩 Fun Dog Training Games
🐣🐣🐣 VIRTUAL Easter Egg Hunt
🥚🥚🥚 Egg & Spoon Race Whirlwind with Your Dog

HD Xmas Workshop 2019 artwork 2

12 Games of Xmas

1st December 2019, 1-2pm at The Old Moat Garden Centre, Epsom

Horton Dogs are proud to present Christmas Workshop 2019! We will teach you 12 fun and engaging training games for Christmas! These will help tackle the struggles you may face over the festive holidays!.

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20 May 2019, 7-8pm at Oxshott Village Centre

Does your dog sometimes worry about novel things, strange noises or generally could do with more optimism? Whatever your dogs age we will show you some of the games that will give your dog the confidence to be cool, calm and collected in the face of novelty, strange noises and new environments.

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6 June 2019, 7-8pm at Oxshott Village Centre

Does your dog ignore you when you call them? Do you want a dog that comes back when called, a dog that wants to be close to you? Then this is a great workshop for introducing some of the fantastic games that boost recall!

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20 June 2019, 7-8pm at Oxshott Village Centre

Does your dog steal food from the counter, jump up at guests, chase squirrels, never seems to settle? Then they could do with some impulse control, also known as self control. This so vital for a dog that can listen while distractions are present. The games teach impulse control without loosing their pulse or sparkle.

OUT hortondogs easter workshop main poster image

Fun Easter Workshop

19th April 2019, 1-2pm at Epsom Polo Club, Horton Lane, Epsom

An Easter themed training and agility games workshop. We have fun activities such as search and find, egg and spoon races (with your dog!), beginner agility jumps and tunnel! This is a great way for both adults and kids to build a stronger relationship with your dog.