Rescue Training


One-to-One Training & Behaviour

A rescue dog will often come with unique needs, which must be accommodated. These needs can develop as a result of going from home to home, or perhaps because of a lack of proper socialisation that previous owners didn’t quite understand. You needn’t view these lingering problems as lifelong disadvantages; with the right dog training, we can turn those struggles into strengths!

We empower you with fun games-based dog training, so you’ll be able to turn those struggles into strengths.

How can we support a rescue dog?

While it’s easy to find advice on the internet about how to care for a rescue dog, this sort of advice is often very vague and general. It’s easy to do the wrong thing, and then wonder why the problem behaviours aren’t going away. Happily, we’re on hand to point you in the right direction.

After just a little bit of one-to-one time, we can pinpoint the possible causes of problem behaviours. In this way, we can prescribe a bespoke solution. One that doesn’t rely on boring commands, but which encourages your dog to play games with you and grow that much needed bond.

When we’re done, you’ll have an easy-to-follow plan that’ll fit your lifestyle and help your rescue dog to overcome their issues and handle stressful situations capably, so that even a walk in the park becomes – well – a walk in the park!

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