Puppy and Adult Dog Group Classes

In-person Puppy and Beginner Group Classes


Do you have a new puppy? What are your dog owning dreams? Maybe you’d like to have relaxing walks in the park, or take your dog to the local cafe, or maybe to keep the kids and yourself more active. Whatever your dream is, we can help you get there by teaching your puppies the foundation skills they will need to integrate into our lives. 

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Fun Life Skills Group Classes StartingAvailablilityPrice More Details
Beginner Classes, Saturday 18 May 2024 – 9:30am in Ewell

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£210.00More Details
Beginner Classes, Saturday 20 July 2024 – 9:30am in Ewell

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£210.00More Details

The Puppy Group Classes are a great way to achieve proper socialisation as they learn to focus on you while there are other dogs and people nearby. If you have an older puppy or rescue dog, get in touch and we can discuss if these classes are suitable.

We recommend puppies be fully vaccinated when classes start.

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What’s included:

  • In-person 6 week block of Group Classes in Ewell, Epsom.
  • Dedicated Puppy Class Whatsapp group to ask questions and get ongoing support between classes.
  • FREE Access to our Life Skills Training videos & resources with over 30+ training tutorials and resources (worth £60).
  • Classes are held outside with indoor space available.
  • £210 per dog.


What do we cover in the Group classes?

Our 6 week course contains practical training in the group classes along with online training videos and resources to be able to give you as much foundation learning as possible.

In Classes we will work on:

  • Being able to engage and respond to their owners around other dogs and distractions.
  • Polite greetings and prevent jumping up.
  • Starting a sit stay.
  • Respond and love their name.
  • Settle on a bed.
  • Learning how to stay calm and relaxed around distractions.
  • Recall from other dogs and distractions, coming back when called.
  • Foundations for walking nicely on a lead without pulling.
  • Leave it cue – Impulse Control and how to prevent your dog from stealing.
  • Socialisation and how to do it right.
  • Confidence – teaching our dogs not to be worried by novelty.
  • Friendly dog greetings, understanding body language and knowing when to intervene.

The fantastic online resources will guide you through toilet training, puppy biting, confidence with handling, crate training and so much more.

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Social Training Walks

These social training walks will give a significant enhancement to your existing training. By venturing out into various environments, these group walks provide valuable real-life experiences for your dog’s training progress.

Please note that our social walks are exclusively available to clients who have previously had one-on-one sessions with us or have attended our classes.

We play fun games to shape good behaviour!

Dogs and puppies don’t inherently possess knowledge of how to behave in our human environment. It’s our responsibility to teach them how to navigate life in our homes and interact appropriately with others.

By employing well-crafted training games, alongside clear communication and clarity, our dogs will become happy well behaved family pets and gain the ability to enjoy more freedom. They will be equipped to listen and make improved choices, even when faced with distracting environments. This approach will also enable them to master crucial skills such as coming when called, settling down, walking nicely on a lead, and polite greetings.

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Fun Life Skills Group Classes StartingAvailablilityPrice More Details
Beginner Classes, Saturday 18 May 2024 – 9:30am in Ewell

Out of stock

£210.00More Details
Beginner Classes, Saturday 20 July 2024 – 9:30am in Ewell

In stock

£210.00More Details
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Beginner Level Classes

We offer the 6 week blocks as a good starting point to learn some of the basics in a fun games based way. From building confidence, to starting off your recall training and even helping to prevent jumping up. We will give you the games to practice and take home with you so you can help your puppy navigate our world in a kind and fun way.

We keep our classes small so you get more individual training.


Why enroll in a Group Class?

Our group classes provide your dog with a chance to experience new things in a  controlled, constructive environment – which is crucial to their socialisation and development.

Being able to focus while in the company of other dogs will help to instil essential skills like calmness, self-control and confidence.

Invest in your relationship ‘bank account’ – weekly classes are a great way to spend time with your dog while learning and having fun.

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The importance of focus

In the real world, your dog is going to encounter distraction – which often takes the form of other dogs. By putting these encounters in a controlled setting, we can get them to pay attention, even when there’s an interesting dalmatian just a few yards away. This in turn helps to build mental focus that’ll allow them to listen to what you’re asking of them, even in chaotic situations!

continue your training journey

If you go on to join our Life Skills Classes or our Social Training Walks we will build on the skills already learned and introducing new ones. Whatever your dog’s level, we will adapt the training and aim to challenge you to the next level! 🤩 🎉