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Our group classes are online and are part of our Club membership package. We have the following weekly group classes:

  • Advanced group class (any age)
  • Beginner / Intermediate group class (for dogs of all ages and abilities)
  • Puppy class (12 months and under)

All our online classes are small and limited so you get more individual training and feedback. You can sign up to Club Membership + Online Classes and join anytime.

Online Training Videos & Resources

All our club members get access to our online training videos. There are over 80 games and training videos in our extensive library. You can watch and re-watch anytime.

We are excited to announce that we will soon be able to offer in person group classes. Priority for the spaces will be given to current Club Members.

We play fun games to shape good behaviour!

In our classes, we train a little differently, It’s not about teaching ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stay’. But instead, we teach our dogs to think, to make good choices and encourage them to work with you. This is all done by playing FUN concept games that shape the dog’s brain and their behaviour. Learning through fun is way more powerful, and more importantly it gets REAL LIFE results.

We will teach many life skills through our fun training games including: a reliable recall, super loose lead walking, self-control / impulse and confidence.

Watch this video to see what our students have to say about our awesome classes. 

we adapt the training to you

If your puppy or dog is at a beginner level, we will show you step by step. But if your dog is already awesome, we will challenge you to the next level! 🤩🎉

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For newbies and the experienced

Puppies, adults, seniors, rescues are all welcome in class. It’s a great opportunity for all to share the experience and learn alongside one another. We keep our classes small so your dog gets plenty of space and you get more individual training.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, we will tailor our fun training games to you and your dog. This means if your dog is at a beginner level, we will show you step by step. But if your dog is already awesome, we will challenge you to the next level! 🤩🎉

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Why enroll in a Group Class?

Our group classes provide your dog with a chance to socialise with other dogs in a controlled, constructive environment – which is crucial to their development. Being able to focus while in the company of other dogs will help to instil essential skills like calmness, self-control and confidence.

Invest in your relationship ‘bank account’ – weekly classes are a great way to spend time with your dog while learning and having fun.

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The importance of focus

In the real world, your dog is going to encounter distraction – which often takes the form of other dogs. By putting these encounters in a controlled setting, we can get them to pay attention, even when there’s an interesting dalmatian just a few yards away. This in turn helps to build mental focus that’ll allow them to listen to what you’re asking of them, even in chaotic situations!

Building your dog’s self-confidence

A considerable chunk of canine behavioural problems are rooted in a lack of confidence. That’s where our group classes can prove exceptionally helpful. Each class demonstrates that other dogs aren’t such a big deal. Since we maintain a sensible distance between each dog, the learning environment is comfortable, stress-free and safe.

Our confidence-building games are easy to learn, so you’ll be able to play them at home, too. Over several sessions, your dog’s confidence will gradually build, and, with patience and working on the games, their behavioural problems can be improved. In time, you’ll have a dog who is confident and relaxed, who listens, recalls, and wants to engage!

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What do we cover in group classes?

Like all of our training, our groups take place in a relaxed environment that both owners and dogs love. Our games-based approach emphasises fun and friendliness. After all, dogs, like people, are not going to be able to take in new information when they’re bored or stressed.

In younger dogs, group classes can help to tackle troublesome behaviours like:

What the course covers –

  • Being able to engage and respond to their owners around other dogs and distractions.
  • Polite greetings and prevent jumping up.
  • Respond and love their name.
  • Boundary Games – settle on a bed.
  • Recall and coming back when called.
  • Walking nicely on a lead.
  • Impulse Control – prevent your dog from stealing, teaching a drop, learning to wait for release cues.
  • Dispel myths on socialisation and how to do it right.
  • Confidence – teaching our dogs not to be worried by novelty.
  • Friendly dog greetings, understanding body language and knowing when to intervene.
  • Creating an on/off switch and default calmness.

 Our group classes are open to dogs of all ages and abilities – whether they’re future best-in-shows or lovable rascals that need special attention. We’ve all got to start somewhere, and it’s never too late!

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