Social Training Walks

These social training walks will give a significant enhancement to your existing training. By venturing out into various environments, these walks provide valuable real-life experiences for your dog’s training progress.

Are you facing difficulties in getting your dog’s attention when other dogs are present? Is your dog easily distracted? Does your puppy tend to jump on people while you’re out and about? Do you want a well-behaved dog?

We will help you enhance your skills and your dog’s skills so that you can feel confident and enjoy those walks.

During our on-lead group walks, your dog will have the opportunity to socialise in a way that is growing your dog in the right direction, they will learn to habituate and adapt to other dogs being close by while being trained in real-life situations. Suitable for all ages.

These are the topics we will be teaching on these walks:

– Come back to you when there are other dogs around.
– Walk nicely on a lead.
– Settle calmly in places like pubs or cafes.
– Teaching your dog not to jump on strangers.
– Wait and stay calmly amidst various distractions.
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Please note that our social walks are exclusively available to clients who have previously had one-on-one sessions with us or have attended our classes. Dogs must be comfortable around other dogs and people. The cost is £30 per session and are 50mins long, limited availability please book ahead.

The next session is Friday 7th July 11:30am at Longrove Park, Epsom. Free parking available.

Contact Cathy to book your space. [email protected]