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The Journey to Off-Lead Freedom

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Are you a dog owner who dreams of the freedom and joy of walking your furry friend off-lead, but find yourself facing challenges that seem far too difficult? Meet Rocket, my lovable yet challenging pup whose journey to off-lead freedom serves as a testament to the power of training and dedication.

A dog with a tendency for mischief!

Rocket wasn’t just any dog; he was a bundle of energy with a tendency for mischief. His obsession with other dogs often led to rude and unruly behaviour and zero focus, making it impossible for me to trust him off-lead. Every encounter with another canine was a potential disaster, leaving me feeling frustrated and defeated.

He also had a bad habit of going off self hunting, sniffing everything and not listening to a single word.

But instead of giving up, I chose to embark on a journey of patience and perseverance. Recognising that transforming Rocket’s behaviour would require dedication and effort, I committed myself to the task at hand. Rocket’s behaviour didn’t change overnight. It took time, consistency, and unwavering determination.

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Power Up the Recall Cue

This was done in the house first with no distractions. gradually taking it to different locations and increasing distractions in the distance. His recall reward was something extra special! We also used a long line to set him up for success.

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Harness Natural Instincts

We also worked on getting his sniffing and hunting drive put to good use rather than going self-employed. Often, we have to redirect a dog's natural instincts towards a productive activity rather than just try to remove it.

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Teaching Self Control

Recall training is not just about teaching a dog to return to you, it’s about the whole picture, their whole lifestyle and often it starts in the home. Teaching valuable skills in the home, learning self control as well as powering up a recall cue.

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Consistency and Practice

With a tailored approach, plenty of positive reinforcement and clarity, progress began to emerge. Slowly but surely, Rocket's behaviour started to improve. Through consistent training and guidance, he learned to control his impulses. Now he does not need to run up to other dogs and he can respond and listen even if there is an interesting scent to be found.

The Training Pays Off

Today, Rocket is a shining example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. His transformation from a mischievous troublemaker to a well-behaved companion is nothing short of remarkable. Now, he’s basking in the freedom that he once only dreamed of.

Rocket’s success story has not gone unnoticed. I am frequently approached by fellow dog owners seeking advice and guidance on similar issues. With first-hand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges they face, I am able to offer support and encouragement to others on their own journey to dog ownership success.

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