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Dogs and Babies continued…

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Theo's 10 months old, crawling and grabbing!

Wow time goes by so quickly, thankfully Pixel and Rocket are doing really well with Theo and getting used to having him around and all the noises and movements he makes.

Safety is still our number one priority.

Don’t force it to get that perfect photo! Your baby and dog’s safety are much more important. Even when Pixel chooses to sit next to Theo we have to call her away because we know that Theo will turn around and try to grab her so these close interactions are limited.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to understand our dog’s communications and needs. I love this book Doggie Language by Lili Chin.

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Here are some top tips:

  • Separate areas are a must, for example baby gates or play pens when you are not supervising.
  • Spend a little bit of time playing with your dog. While your baby is playing in their play pen, do some find it games with your dog by asking for a sit and hide their toy for them to find. Start super easy, so just in sight, say “find it” and celebrate with a little game when they do. 🥳
  • Teach your dog that baby crawling is none of their business and nothing to be worried by. An interruption cue like “Leave” can help give your dog clear guidance that it is none of his business. Be close at hand to manage carefully. Not all dogs will be able to cope with a baby crawling on the floor so using the baby play pens are important.
  • Theo has learned how to get Rocket’s attention by sharing his food with him 🤣 🤦‍♀️!  As I don’t want Rocket thinking he can grab food from children, I am working on a solid Leave cue so prevent stealing.
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Dogs need rest and down time too.

Just like babies, dogs need their naps too. We must remember that although our dogs may want to join in with every little thing we do, they actually need to get some rest. Have an area that they can go and chill out, this might be a covered crate, a pen or a quiet room, put the radio on and give them a safe long lasting chew so they can relax and have some down time (Yes even spaniels need rest haha!).

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If you would like help and support then contact me and we can look at training options for you.



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