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Preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby

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Here are some tips to help prepare your dogs for the arrival of a baby

Having a baby is going to be a huge change for you and your dog, the sounds, the smells, the complete disruption in routine at first can be overwhelming for everyone involved. So it’s a really good idea to help prepare your dog before baby arrives!

Play baby noises in the background

Play baby sounds on low volume on your phone while they eat a filled kong or food dispenser. Gradually build up the volume as the weeks go by. This will help to build a positive association with baby noises and it won’t be a big surprise when the baby arrives. If at any point they react or look worried, turn the volume down and go a bit slower.
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Get your dog comfortable being in a crate, puppy pen or behind a baby gate

There are going to be times when you cannot have your dog getting in the way while you will have your hands full changing or feeding your baby. Many dogs may find it difficult to be on the other side of a gate or in a crate if we have not worked on making it a great space for them. Take the time now to train them so they learn it is a great relaxing space to be. Use filled kongs and long lasting chews to help them feel more comfortable and happy in their new den, this will become their safe chill out zone.

SAFETY FIRST: Babies, toddlers and actually children of any age should never be left alone with a dog, or interact with a dog without some form of adult supervision, no matter how trustworthy the dog is.

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Practice walking with a pushchair

Walking with new equipment such as a pushchair can be started as soon as you buy one. It might feel a bit odd going out with an empty buggy, but it means you can give full attention to your dog and check they can handle walking alongside you without the risk of them getting spooked. Pair with lots of rewards as they walk next to you.

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Grow Calmness

Grow calmness in general, we want calm relationships to blossom and making sure your dog is able to be calm in the house is a big step in the right direction. We love teaching our dogs to settle on their bed especially when things are going on around them.

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